Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Jon Stewart

The uncanny thing about this bit of stand-up comedy, from 1996, is how relevant it still is today...

Of course, for a shallow guy and noted Jew queen like me, I often watch it because as hot as Jon Stewart is today - and that's still pretty hot - all those years ago he was a) thinner, b) had darker hair, and oh yeah, c) was also that much younger. 34, to be exact... A good age for a man (just like all the other ones).

Damn him, though, if he doesn't make any age look good... As an uppity liberal, I consider it a mark of pride to share his birthday; now if only I can find that big plaster cake for him to jump out of I can get this birthday party started!
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joh stewart rocks..hmm, same birthday huh? cool!

aka Jacque Sue on facebook..