Friday, January 16, 2009

Good News: School Massacre Averted


A plot by two high school students to go on a shooting rampage at Winnipeg's Fort Richmond Collegiate and Lorette Collegiate, at the campus of the University of Manitoba, as well as at that city's Church of the Rock, was recently foiled by police. No motive was given for the attack, and as is often the case with an ongoing investigation police spokeswoman Constable Jacqueline Chaput was cagey with the details.

The two 17-year-olds involved - one male and one female - had been stockpiling stolen guns, and planned to target at least one specific person, gunning down anyone else who got in their way; the two have been arrested and police say the threat has been neutralized. The revelation comes following an investigation begun in November, an investigation which is naturally still underway.

Given their ages and the type of crime being contemplated, the Pop Culture Institute can only hope that the two will eventually be tried as adults, so that not only their names but the full nature of their grudges can become part of the public record - especially if, as is often the case in school shootings, the pair were being motivated by bullying.
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