Saturday, January 08, 2011

"Let's Dance" by David Bowie

The David Bowie of this era was the first incarnation of his with which I was familiar; not only was Let's Dance the first song of his I'd knowingly heard, it came from the first album of his (not coincidentally also entitled Let's Dance) I'd ever bought, and so therefore this is the version of him which provides me the necessary context for him and his extraordinary career. Naturally enough, the tres cool video isn't available; in lieu of this, I've decided to post a clip of the man himself performing the song live during his Serious Moonlight tour.

Of course, entire websites are devoted to each of his personae - with their webmasters slavishly devoted to supporting the claim that their favourite is best to the exclusion of all others - but here at the Pop Culture Institute we take the long view... A single-affect Bowie would have burnt out his appeal long before now; it's his chameleonic tendencies which specifically commend him to iconic status*.

Amazingly, today marks Bowie's 64th birthday, and it's one which sees him still going strong despite a 2004 cardiac incident he suffered while performing in Germany.

*That and his willingness to embrace new music, even unto mentoring up-and-coming bands such as Arcade Fire.

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