Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gratuitous Brunette: Paula Trickey


Once upon a time yours truly was enamoured of a silly little show called Pacific Blue...

It may have been the late hour in which the USA Network show was rerun in my market, or it might have been the copious quantities of Entertainment Helper I was smoking at the time*, but there was something in the beautifully photographed scenes of Santa Monica I really liked, and it wasn't the frankly ludicrous police procedural story-lines. If only I knew what it was I so loved about it...

Oh, that's right. Oodles of hotness owing to such cast members as Rick Rossovich, Jim Davidson, Mario Lopez - and of course Paula Trickey here. Besides which, it was the show that launched Shanna Moakler, who practiced the mad skillz she later employed so effectively against Paris Hilton on Trickey's character.

Trickey, of course, is a showbiz veteran, with appearances on Beverly Hills 90210, Walker, Texas Ranger, and The OC under her belt.

*Amazingly, even more than I'm smoking now!

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