Monday, April 12, 2010

"Hug My Soul" by Saint Etienne

Birthday wishes go out today to Sarah Cracknell, one third of Saint Etienne (along with Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs) whose wistful 1960s-inspired electronica dominated the UK pop scene in the early 1990s; while their biggest hit was arguably a cover of Neil Young's 1970 classic Only Love Can Break Your Heart, the band actually released 7* albums between 1991 and 2005.

Hug My Soul was the third single from the band's third album Tiger Bay, and originally appeared in 1994, following the singles Pale Movie and Like a Motorway. The last release from their original label, Heavenly Records, it - along with the album - was re-released in 1996 by their new record label, Creation Records, featuring different artwork and a slightly shuffled track listing.

*Or eight, depending upon whether or not one counts Fairfax High, which was only sold as as a bonus disc with 1998's Good Humor.
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