Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Snowbird" by Anne Murray

I think it speaks volumes about the character of Anne Murray that when she was asked about how she felt being name-checked in that epic tune Blame Canada - in which she was called 'that bitch Anne Murray' - she laughed it off by saying her kids had already been calling her that for years! Let's see that cow Nana Mouskouri do that...

Anne Murray's career is nearly as old as I am, given that her first single, Snowbird, debuted in 1970*; which, I guess, makes me a bitch for bringing it up. She's seen here performing it in the full glory of the mid-70s - complete with spread-collared blouse, bell-bottom pantsuit, and shag-adelic Carol Brady 'do - with which she will be forever associated, at least in my mind.

*The lady herself has been around even longer than that, having been born on this day in 1945.
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