Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"The Final Countdown" by Europe

Birthday wishes go out today to John Norum, guitarist and founding member of Europe, whose 1986 song The Final Countdown was the first of five singles released from their third album, coincidentally also called The Final Countdown. It was followed by Love Chaser, Rock the Night, Carrie and Cherokee, although none of them would achieve the heights their lead-in managed...

When not tearing the rooves off various stadia, Norum maintains a solo career; at various times in his career he's also played with Eddie Meduza & The Roaring Cadillacs, Dokken, Don Dokken's solo band, and done side collaborations with other artists including Glenn Hughes. The older brother of pop singer Tone Norum, he's also the widower of Michelle Meldrum, founder and lead guitarist of the Swedish-American heavy metal band Meldrum.

Probably the best way to keep track of Norum's many perambulations is via his own website...
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