Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Change of Heart

Earlier, I posted a piece entitled "Apparently It's Valentine's Day". I sure hope no one saw it.

To anyone who might have done, on the off chance you're still talking to me, please accept my apologies. We animals do funny things when we're in pain. We lash out often as a way of reaching out.

Writing the essay was enormously therapeutic for me, because those words had been swirling around inside my head for nearly a week when I finally let them out. Last night I had a terrible headache and the chills, so I went to bed early; the first thing I did when I woke up this morning was get up and write that, even before I'd visited the littlest room.

Now, I will not apologise for the piece, only for the misuse of my intention in placing it here on my blog. It should not have seen the light of day; I sincerely hope it didn't.

It's our wounds that make us feel alive, which may be why they are so often self-inflicted. Unfortunately, it's our wounds that also kill us, and so we must nurse them. Within this cycle, though, there's enough power to break it.

Each time we heal it is imperative that we heal better than we were before we broke, until we no longer hurt ourselves or others.

Also, I really need to lighten up.
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Seumas Gagne said...

I read Apparently It's Valentine's Day while it was up.

A slip up isn't the end of the world. Sounded like something I would have said at your age.

Hope is so much foxier than despair.

michael sean morris said...

My concern was that you, as a member of a couple, might be particularly horrified. Believe me, you don't go on and on about it like some other people I know.

Mostly though, the post belonged in the better-out-than-in category, much like Ryan Seacrest. ; ) I just don't think it belonged here (also, like Ryan Seacrest).

Do you think I should republish it?

lcdseattle said...

As somebody who missed the post I think you should repost it, but that's just me. The beauty of your blog is that it is yours and you get to do what you think is best.

michael sean morris said...

Okay, back by popular demand...