Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Evaporating City

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[Maybe in 50 years they'll put my pictures up in the VAG, but in the meantime here's one for free.]

Today I bought Fred Herzog's book, "Vancouver Photographs", the publication of which Douglas & McIntyre timed to coincide with a major showing of his work by the Vancouver Art Gallery. I'll be attending the show on Sunday, and was looking for a way to get grounded in the subject matter beforehand so as to make the most of my experience. $47.70 later, and boy am I grounded.

I've been feeling very over Vancouver lately, and I have to try and find out if I'm actually over it, or just frustrated with some of its limitations, namely its lack of friendly gay men. I've felt the city change dramatically in the fifteen years I've known it, almost entirely for the worse. Then again, maybe it's me that's changed for the worse, and the city's still the same lovely place it ever was.

The book is a challenge to me, to find my place here, or else find another place where I can. I am ready to begin my life's work, and want to make sure that I do so in a city with the life I need in it. Otherwise, it'll all turn out wrong, and I specifically remember that my mother promised me a happy ending.
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lcdseattle said...

I love Vancouver and have the best time when I'm there. The few people I know in Vancouver are beyond reproach. The city is beautiful, the food fantastic and there are tons of things to see and do. I should make more trips there. : )

michael sean morris said...

You should come up more. Maybe you could read these bitches to filth. I do love Vancouver but the prospect of spending another forty years alone (after nearly five years now) makes me think it's time to move on.