Monday, February 07, 2011

Gratuitous Brunette: Ashton Kutcher

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It was three long years ago now when I first instituted the dubious honour known as the Gratuitous Brunette, on the high-flown ideal (or shallow fixation, or possibly a bit of both) that looking at someone who is aesthetically pleasing is ultimately medicinal. On that day the Pop Culture Institute's very first honouree was the young man pictured above, the delicacy known as Ashton Kutcher, who today turns 33 - meaning that for as hot as he is, he's now also about to get interesting...

In the years since being the first to receive this little-sought after accolade*, he hasn't done much in front of the camera, preferring to stick to his new-found role as producer of such TV shows as Room 401; much like People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, the Gratuitous Brunette is a certified career killer, which puts me and my work in some very prestigious company indeed. Apart from that, he seems to enjoy spending time with his wife Demi Moore; in fact their relationship has pretty much been the only thing keeping them both in front of the paparazzi cameras lately, despite a lack of work for either of them - although in her case, I ain't exactly crushed.

Fear not, fans of Ashton Kutcher! He just appeared in the 2008 film What Happens in Vegas and is hard at work (and probably at home too. But I digress...) filming another - something about a hit man, apparently - meaning 2009 might just prove to be his comeback year; to which I can only say, he'd certainly never get a come back from me. Failing that, fans of Michael Kelso also have his seven seasons of That '70s Show to peruse on DVD at their leisure.

*Which is, after all, essentially just having some old gay troll perving on straight guys, although I have tried to branch out by occasionally including women and even gay guys, just to be fair.

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