Monday, November 29, 2010

Gratuitous Brunette: Don Cheadle

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When looking for sexy, there are lots of places to look these days, it seems; when looking for sexy with substance, though, look no further than Don Cheadle...

For his Oscar-nominated performance as Paul Rusesabagina in the 2005 film Hotel Rwanda alone Cheadle has earned a permanent place in the Pop Culture Institute's Gratuitous Brunette Hall of Fame; with each new portrayal he moves higher into the firmament, where only stars of the brightest magnitude dwell.

As the films Hamburger Hill (1987) and Colors (1989) aren't the kind normally found on my radar - or at least weren't then - I had to wait to first see him on the ill-starred Golden Girls spin-off The Golden Palace, as long ago as 1992; the films Devil in a Blue Dress, The Rat Pack, and Traffic are on my radar, yet somehow the universe hasn't yet seen fit to show them to me*. Which means my admiration has grown from appearances on shallow talk shows, interviews in glib glossy magazines, and of course Paul Thomas Anderson's 70s paean-cum-porn epic Boogie Nights.

Still, all that is now in the past; in the present there are birthday wishes for Don Cheadle; as for what the future holds, well, only time will tell...

*As for Picket Fences, I swear I used to watch it, and I don't remember seeing him in it... Damn you Tom Skerritt, with your weapons-grade blue eyes and distracting mustache!

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