Monday, November 29, 2010

"Barrett's Privateers" by Stan Rogers and Friends

The late Stan Rogers* - born on this day in 1949 - was an Ontario boy who caught the Maritime fever in a big way, eventually going so far as to craft songs - including Northwest Passage, The Mary Ellen Carter, and this one, Barrett's Privateers, from his 1976 album Fogarty's Cove - all of which sounded two hundred years old the first time they were played. In the best possible way, of course...

So popular is this modern-day chantey that the Canadian Navy often marches to it, and drinkers around the world are gradually discovering what drinkers in Canada have known for years - no one ever had a more rum drinking companion than a Stan Rogers song.

*He died in June 1983.
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Seumas Gagne said...

The Mary Ellen Carter got me through the traumatic trip home after I lost my first apartment and had to slink back to Smallsbo with my metaphorical tail between my legs.