Friday, March 02, 2007

Adoptalina Jolie At It Again

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI don't get it.

First she gets an Asian one, then she gets a black one, then she has a white one, and now she's going for another Asian one, this time from Vietnam. You mean to tell me she spent all those months in India making that Mariane Pearl movie and she didn't bother to complete the set? If I were Indian I'd be a little peeved.

Oh well, adoption's always a good thing, and who knows? She might get around to a brown one eventually. Plus she's never even gone near a First Nations baby, not yet anyway. Clearly she has plenty of good adopting years ahead of her.

I only hope her career holds, or else she's gonna have to make a Hell of a lot of Lifetime movies to care for them the next time Brad Pitt decides to trade up. Maybe she and Mia Farrow can open a little sweat shop together.

(I'm sorry. That was meaner even than the rest of this. Of course, I could just delete it, but I'm so sick I also find it funny, so I won't. Blogging, my friends, is a worse compulsion than you can imagine.)

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