Friday, March 23, 2007

Blog Fodder: Comment Te Dire Bonjour

Yesterday, I left a comment on Joe.My.God. in response to a post entitled "The Junior Voguer", of a little kid dancing his heart out. The video had garnered some pretty typically hateful comments on YouTube, which seemed to leave a few of Joe's readers stymied. (What is this 'homo-phobia' of which you speak?) It read, in part:

Welcome to YouTube and the Fred Phelps Nation. Set one foot outside of Chelsea and it's "Welcome to the rest of the world".

My comment received the following response from a fellow reader:

Michael Sean: If that sentence expresses your worldview, I agree it's probably an excellent idea for all concerned that you never step one foot outside of Chelsea.


As usual I blame myself. All I'm trying to do through my work is foster a greater understanding of the world and of my place in it. Obviously, I failed to do that in this case. I visited his blog, and he seems like a pretty nice guy. A bit naive for his age, but if naivete is the greater part of idealism, and he's managed to keep a scrap, I say good for him. I'd had mine beaten out of me by the time I was 10, and, alas, it's a non-renewable resource.

Of course, had he bothered to visit my blog he'd have seen that I've never even set one foot into Chelsea, and that if I tried to go there I'd probably be chased away by a roving band of twinks, simply for being a troll. Still, I'd like to thank him for the opportunity to post something here that isn't about a) foreign royalty, b) hot guys, or c) a bunch of other people I'll never meet.

And Joe, if you ever read this, thanks you for not banning me from your Comments section (at least not yet). You and I don't always see eye-to-eye (I mean, why would we? Why would we want to?) It seems to me that differences of opinion are what make us interesting to each other, and I'm honoured that you allow me to keep throwing in my two cents' worth.

[Instant Update: The original post I wrote just disappeared into cyberspace. This one has been re-created from memory; I haven't had lunch yet, so I wasn't altogether successful. It's just as well, as the original contained intemperance, a quality within myself I am constantly striving to overcome. It was also wordy, which is another burden I must learn to eschew. Plus so many layered references it was like a strudel made by Dennis Miller. It was pretty cool though, I'll have to admit. Whomever is responsible for such things (ie The Internet Fairy) was obviously on my side this afternoon.]
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Michele said...

One of my favorite things from JMG (besides his wonderful storytelling) is how interesting the comments are - even if they often veer towards splash, dash, trash and bash. But the true reward is seeing the blogs of those who comment.
You have made my Friday much more interesting. Thank you.

michael sean morris said...

The comments are often a story in themselves, a kind of panel discussion that would be otherwise impossible to have, given that his commenters are from everywhere.

One of them - Guido, I think his name is - works in the kitchen of a male brothel in Palermo. When I read that I almost wrote a screenplay.

I'm always glad when I can make anything more interesting, and I'm an actual whore for comments, so if you have any suggestions...

lcdseattle said...

You're a comment whore and what all successful whores need is a good pimp. I'm not sure if there are any blog comment pimps out there but maybe a search would reveal the answer and fill your whorish needs.

michael sean morris said...

Are you applying for the job, Daddy Mack?

Maybe a comment Madam would be better, not smack me around and such.

Y | O | Y said...

I just followed your comment to JMG's "Sex O'Clock" post. It seems that I've seen your name a couple times and enjoy your comments. I liked today's The View vs bathhouse...sometimes I feel the same way. My ex used to shame me that "The View" was my favorite show!

I'm with your commenter Michele up above. 50% of me likes JMG for his posts, the other 50% loves the comments.

Y | O | Y said...

I just realized that you wouldn't know...I post as "Gavin" on JMG's site.

michael sean morris said...

Well hello Gavin and welcome to what is officially my most commented on posting. Had I known I'd have gotten this kind of reaction I'd have posted about Joe a long time ago.

I'm awfully jealous of him, but fortunately my jealousy doesn't manifest itself as hateful. I see the work he's put into his blog and I've redoubled (maybe even retrebled) my efforts.

This is the result. My most commented on post, and it's about one-tenth of the comments he gets on all of them.

Y | O | Y said...


Building a reader base is tough as both you and I know. I think that he has the benefit of a large NYC network of friends from which to build. He's also been at it a long time.

I think his world, and in some way his readers, are quite different from me so they wouldn't be interested in my posts anyway.

I've bookmarked you and I'll keep checking in. I had the pleasure of visiting Vancouver about 2 years ago and loved it. Absolutely beautiful.

michael sean morris said...

Those A-gay types and I never had anything in common, and probably never will. If they found out I haven't had so much as a kiss in over 5 years (let alone anything more) I think they'd laugh themselves to death.

Anonymous said...

Thank you :) look at this emo boy hair on this blog: