Friday, March 23, 2007

What The Hell?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSorry to get all Kelly on you, but... Rick Mercer's gay!?!

I've been spending so much time in my tinfoil hat behind a Ouija board trying to make Jake Gyllenhaal pounce on Andy Samberg that I somehow missed the coming out of one of Canada's funniest, most influential men.

Plus, he's from Newfoundland, and he's H-O-T-T. (Or is that redundant?)

It's Friday, I'm ten posts away from #400, and now I find out this total hunk of funny likes cock. If this day gets any better I may...

I don't know what I'll do. The last time I had a day this good I was eight. I don't think I can remember that far back.
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Don said...

I met him on a nude beach on Hornby Island in the 90's. Puhlease.
He is very funny and also a nice guy.

michael sean morris said...

He's amazing. I just had no idea.

So now I'm picturing you two on a nude beach... Gotta go!