Saturday, March 03, 2007

Full Moon Tonight

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What a better time than tonight to debut my full moon banner, although technically this is a picture taken of a New Moon, and technically it was also part of an earlier post, "Experimenting With Banners" and it was not taken recently.

Hey, what do you want? It's the weekend, and it's a well known fact that there's no news on the weekend, at least not since Britney shaved her head.

The whole week has been weird, and now I know why. The last week she waxes is the same week as my manstrual cycle (ah yes, the elusive and little discussed male period). This explains everything.

Plus, there was an eclipse today, not that I could see it, as it is overcast heree in Vancouver, but also because I don't believe it was to be visible in North Ameroca at all. Still, the moon is a lovely thing to see with or without celestial phenomena.
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-K- said...

FYI - its 8:10 in Los Angeles with no sign of any eclipse whatsoever.

michael sean morris said...

I understood the eclipse was only visible in Europe and northern Africa. It's not visible here in Vancouver because the clouds are about three miles thick. ; )