Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Sarah Jessica Parker

Of course, to me she will always be Carrie Bradshaw, one of the few writer characters on TV you actually saw writing; but I first saw her in Square Pegs, so in my own little twisted pop culture way Patty Greene will always be Carrie Bradshaw in high school...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIn the intervening years SJP made memorable turns in movies such as when she ran amok amok amok in Hocus Pocus and was so charming in Steve Martin's winsome L.A. Story, in which she played SanDeE*, likely the only character in the history of film with an asterisk in her name. And of course, who could forget her performance under the villainous tutelage of Maggie Smith in The First Wives Club, playing a second wife?

She's had a lot on her plate since I first published these birthday wishes three years ago; in addition to wife-and-motherhood - celebrating a thirteenth anniversary with Matthew Broderick in May and little James' eighth birthday in October as well as the arrival of twin daughters Marion and Tabitha (delivered by surrogate) in June 2009 - she's already finished a second much-anticipated Sex and the City movie following the monster success of the first one in 2008.

On a more cruel note, 2007 also saw her winning the un-coveted title of Maxim magazine's Unsexiest Woman on the Planet; Mrs. Broderick spoke out against the award, an unusual move for a celebrity put into such a position. The Pop Culture Institute would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sarah Jessica Parker for somehow managing to maintain her individuality in a profession where many of her contemporaries seem determined to morph into each other; although we're a little peeved that she had her signature mole removed, we're also sure she had her reasons.
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Y | O | Y said...

"Square pegs, square pegs, square, square pegs!" I had a bit of a crush on the dark haired geek at the time.

Gotta love The Waitresses, too.

Mathias N Oz said...

I will never forget going to see the Sex in the City movie in KC. There were six of us guys in line waiting and there were several ladies in line in front of us. We started chatting with the ladies and one asks... So why would a bunch of guys want to see Sex in the city? We started laughing as the light came on and her expression changed from curiosity to embarrassment.