Thursday, March 01, 2007

It Happened Again

Seeing as I have recently come into a little money, I am once again on the prowl for some more and better blogging equipment. I thought I'd try London Drugs on Broadway near Cambie, since it's near where I'll be working tonight. I entered and approached the Electronics counter; there were two men working there - an Asian guy and a blond guy. Not to be racist, but I went to speak to the Asian, not because I thought he knew any more about cameras than the blond guy, he just looked more helpful.

It was not to be. The blond guy got there first.

Blond Guy: Good afternoon sir, can I help you?

Me: Yes, I bought my current camera in April last year at London Drugs downtown. It's a Fujifilm S5200. I was looking to compare features with the Fujifilm S9000, but I don't see it here.

Blond Guy sighed and rolled his eyes, which should have been my clue to step away, or at least start laughing. I did neither.

Blond Guy: We've never sold that camera here, and I don't think they make it anymore.

Me: I see.

There was a long pause. So long, in fact, if it was on TV it would have been funny (like they sometimes do on 'Family Guy'). I had to do something, so I began admiring the S6000 which was in the display case.

Blond guy: (finally, with a sigh) I guess I can look it up for you on the Net.

Me: Thank you.

Then I stood and watched the second hand of the nearest clock whirl through 2 solid minutes while I, a motivated buyer, am ignored.

Finally I asked the Asian guy: "Are you the manager?"

He nodded. Even though he'd been standing there the entire time, and undoubtedly heard the entire transaction, he'd done nothing sooner to intervene.

Me: I came in here today as a business man looking to buy a piece of equipment for my business, and when I did I expected to be treated as such. Instead I get this guy's attitude.

Blond guy: (oozing with attitude) I did NOT give you attitude.

Me: I consider a heavy sigh and rolling eyes when I only asked a simple question to be attitude.

Manager: Sir...

Me: On second thought, I've changed my mind.

Manager: But...

Me: I think I'll go and buy this camera somewhere else.

And then I leaned in to the Blond guy and said: "The next time I want attitude like yours, I'll go to the Odyssey, thank you." The Odyssey is a gay bar in Vancouver, frequented by twinks of all ages.

The last I saw, he'd turned beet red, and there was an exchange of words between himself and the manager as I walked away.

So it seems that nothing has changed yet. I am still not entitled to being treated with respect by any gay men.
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