Thursday, March 01, 2007

Stunning Archaeological Find (Hint: It's Not Joan Rivers!)

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[I found Hera's head! Okay, I didn't really. I was just trying to help.]

Okay, so while excavating an ancient city beneath Mount Olympus recently, archaeologists found both a statue of Zeus and a statue of Hera that they think are from the same temple. This would be startling, enough, as this sort of thing seldom (maybe never) happened. Worse yet is that ancient Christians had used this beautiful work of art to build a defensive wall, and it didn't work! Maybe they shoulda left it where they found it.

I shudder to repeat what I first thought when I read that scientists were looking for anything old under the crumbling ruins of Dion, but let's just say they included visions of Rene Angelil, and the way they danced in my head I wanted to get a melon-baller and gouge them out.

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