Monday, April 30, 2007


Troubled pop star Boy George has been arrested - again - this time on charges of false imprisonment, sexually harassing and assaulting a male escort he'd hired as a model.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketNow, admittedly, I'm no expert in S&M. Okay, I've got the M part down, but the S... Not so much.

Anyway, even I know the secret is in consensuality and negotiation. Just because you hire a guy for sex doesn't mean he's up for this kind of thing. I suppose my unenlightened attitude means I'll be learning a thing or two about the S now...

Just in case, my safe word is 'Stephen Harper'.

[S O U R C E]
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Seumas Gagne said...

What an idiot. Makes you wonder how many of todays "stars" are going to wind up in the same boat in 20 years - washed up an pitied by their former fans.

Not that I'm bitter.

michael sean morris said...

I doubt some of today's stars will take as long.