Monday, April 30, 2007

Britain Offering Terrorists Plum Hostage

I can believe that Prince Harry will be shipped out to Iraq - I don't like it, but anyone who joins the Army in a time of war can reasonably expect to be shipped anywhere, even a war zone such as Iraq or Afghanistan.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket What I cannot believe is that a professional army would deploy any soldier whose presence is likely to be distracting, as well as one who's been targeted for capture by Shi'ite militia as Prince Harry. I cannot help but wonder at what's really behind this.

You've taken the macho shit a little too far when you'd risk a constitutional crisis and the lives of untold troops to make a point. Stupid war...
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Daniel said...

im probably patronising you to point this out, but it's clearly nothing more than a PR exercise, not unlike the heroics invented when some brain-dead hick shot off half a footballer's head. That and the fact that Harry clearly stamped hi feet because if uncle Andrew got to be in a war, he should bally-well be allowed to have a crack, too.
Rest assured, it's unlikely Harry will even get to see an Arab, save for the one polishing his boots outside the officers mess, during his stint in Iraq or Afghanistan or wherever the ewar is currently being fought. It's highly unlikely he'll be posted anywhere that's even at risk from the occasional inaccurate mortar attack. But don't worry, we'll still get to see him bravely going out inside an armoured car on a pre-cleared patrol route in a currently safe area.

michael sean morris said...

I have this weird feeling that they're saying they'll send him, and then they'll stick him in Oman or something, but report he's in Basra or Tikrit in order to draw out the more daring terrorists.

I was like this in 1982, as well, and in that one Prince Andrew was actually in the line of fire, piloting the helicopter that lured the heat seeking missiles away from ships. It was on the news repeatedly, and I think I was so sick from that I got to stay home from school one day.

So yeah, I've pretty much always been like this.

michael sean morris said...

As for being patronising, it doesn't matter to me what you say, as long as you leave a comment.