Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Project Civil City: Good Idea or Totally Fucking Dumb?

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While I am generally on the side of civility (shut up, you bitches, I am too) I'm always a little worried when it looks like the right-wing is trying for a power grab. Getting to the root of social issues like homelessness is something I will always support, but bashing the homeless in the usual callous manner of the right, of course, I cannot do.

Also, the matter of manners cannot be addressed with by-laws, especially if they're not enforced.

It's too bad I won't be able to attend Project Civil City's meeting. I'd be interested in seeing who shows up and what gets discussed. Given that a member of the Board of Trade will be there, and that the impetus behind the entire project is likely the Vancouver Olympic Committee, I am instantly skeptical.

Maybe I can talk one of my more perceptive friends into attending, and submitting a report.

[To find out more, visit the website]
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Seumas Gagne said...

Skimming throught the city's web site on this 'project' it sounds much more like hunting for ways to hide the poor.

Sorry to be negative. :-)

Their graphic sensibilities are impeccable!

michael sean morris said...

No apologies necessary. It's so much cheaper and easier to hide the poor than it is to help them.

VPSN said...

Hi there,

Nice to see one of our posters on your blog!

Just wanted to clarify that the webpage and the debate session have been set up by the Vancouver Public Space Network... which is a volunteer group. We're not affiliated with the City of Vancouver. To the best of my knowledge, the City doesn't have a web-page on civil city.

Our intent in taking a more neutral position on this debate was to allow some of the other key players in the discussion have their say without biasing the debate process upfront.

Thanks for the comments on the graphic sensibilities too… like everything else we do, it was made possible through lots of volunteer time and effort. If you’d be interested in helping on public space related projects such as this feel free to drop us a line:


Andrew P. (VPSN)