Sunday, April 29, 2007

Project Civil City: An Update

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Once again, I would encourage any of you Vancouverites out there who might be free on Tuesday night to head out to the Main Library downtown and attend this forum sponsored by Project Civil City.

I was recently contacted by one of the organisers, who disabused some of the implications I or my commenters might have made, namely that the City of Vancouver was in any way involved in the meeting or the organisation sponsoring it. Googling "Project Civil City" leads first to the City's website, which may have led to some of this confusion. That and the fact that the Mayor's name is in great big letters at the top of the front page.

The clarification, left as a comment on the post linked below, says:

Hi there,

Nice to see one of our posters on your blog!

Just wanted to clarify that the webpage and the debate session have been set up by the Vancouver Public Space Network... which is a volunteer group. We're not affiliated with the City of Vancouver. To the best of my knowledge, the City doesn't have a web-page on civil city.

[Blogmaster's Note: It's a News Release.]

Our intent in taking a more neutral position on this debate was to allow some of the other key players in the discussion have their say without biasing the debate process upfront.

Thanks for the comments on the graphic sensibilities too… like everything else we do, it was made possible through lots of volunteer time and effort. If you’d be interested in helping on public space related projects such as this feel free to drop us a line:


Andrew P. (VPSN)

Honestly, I wish I could attend, and will be doing my best to send someone in my place, preferably someone with a tape recorder, so I can hear for myself what's being said, unfiltered by some intermediary and their own opinions. Even the most trusted source in this case is still a second-hand one. Naturally, I will be conducting further research into this matter.

Though the poster states that Micheal Vonn of the BC Civil Liberties Union will be a panelist, I am still uncertain to what extent the right will try to grab control of Project Civil City in its ongoing attempt to govern behaviour, rather than seeking to instil civility on a voluntary basis. Vancouver Public Space Network has a very thorough website, worth exploring, which looks initially promising.

A more civil city is an admirable aim, and I'm looking forward to doing my part. Why, just the other day I was almost run over, and I never even flipped the driver the bird or anything.


Project Civil City: Good Idea or Totally Fucking Dumb?
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