Saturday, May 12, 2007

Isn't It Funny?

Last week at lunch I was asking a great friend of this blog if, in his opinion, there was anything I could be posting about here that I haven't been. He said he couldn't think of anything. Personally, I think he was just being nice, because I thought of a couple things myself without hardly any effort.

The first of these: I mentioned to him that I'd often come across a birthday in my research that I was reluctant to headline as "Happy Birthday" since the person in question was dead. As I was wondering aloud how I might include them anyway I suggested posting them as "In Memoriam". Bang! An idea is born.

This was not the first time I've answered my own question; Hell, it wasn't even the first time last week.

Another thing that interests me that I don't blog about is movies, especially those from the 1930s. The post from a couple of days about "Thirty Day Princess" felt so good to write (and is just the sort of thing one might Google) that I've decided to do more of these.

A lot of blogs (such as Y|O|Y) cover new shows, and it's these posts which drive alot of traffic to their sites. Well, I'm not able to blog about new shows, due to my hectic and changeable work schedule, but I can go the other way, and chronicle the obscure, in hopes of luring those of similar taste into my clutches. Er, my, uh... Oh, let's face it, the only word that works is clutches.

Plus, if I can interest someone who isn't a fan, that'll be a bonus.

I just wanted to say thank you for Seumas, for being such a good sounding board, and Gavin as well, for obliquely giving me an idea that may yet elevate me into the next level of the blogosphere.
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Y | O | Y said...

Once the shows end during sweeps this month, I don't know what I'll blog about over the summer. Since those recaps are so time consuming, I'm considering a format whereby I just talk about the many questions raised in each episode of Heroes and Lost and leave the recaps to people who get paid!

Seumas Gagne said...

I like to find out about obscure old movies.

And I'm quite happy to smile and nod while you work things out. It's the kind of work I like best.

michael sean morris said...

I've since found a third thing I do that I've never ever blogged about: Sim City!

That way I can justify playing, the same way I justify doing everything these days - "I'm only doing it for my blog."