Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"La Vie en Rose" In Theatres June 2007

It turns out my aversion to attending movies alone will have to be foregone. In amongst the shallow trench filled with dreck which is the summer movie season is this shining jewel.

Marion Cotillard's performance seems more like a seance than acting, such is her resemblance to Edith Piaf. The trailer gave me chills; I guess I should wear a sweater to the movie.
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lcdseattle said...

Ohhh, although I will most likely not see it in a theater, the cost now is just crazy, I will certainly keep an eye out for the DVD or my cable's On Demand. I hadn't heard anything about this film but it's certainly a must see!

Thanks for the info

michael sean morris said...

Can't afford a movie? What, is your boss some cheapo capitalist pig or something?

I'm gonna see it in the theatre a) because sometimes I like that overwhelming experience of seeing a film in the theatre, and b) because how many mouth-breathing yahoos will be in the audience to cry like bitches over the tragic life of Edith Piaf?

Just one: me!

LCDSeattle's Boss said...

lcdseattle's boss is totally *not* a cheapo capitalist pig. How many people get paid a mid-five-figure salary to read and comment on blogs?

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

michael sean morris said...


Oops! Sorry, I have Tourette's.

And by five figures, I assume you mean with the decimal point.