Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Congratulations Joe.My.God

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Although Joe.My.God wasn't the first blog I ever read, it was one of the first five, and remains in my personal favourite Top Five to this day. I like the mix of stories, and love love love the occasional appearance of Instant Disco History, because I'm just that gay.

Also, his commenters are to die for. He routinely gets more comments on a given post than I've gotten in my entirety.

You've set the bar pretty high, buddy; I only hope my pole is long enough to get me over it.

What? Whud I say?
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Y | O | Y said...

His blog inspired me to begin my own. I suspect many others as well. Whatever he's doing, it's working.

Seumas Gagne said...

Numbers, schmumbers. Quantity does not make up for quality. I put Joe's blog on equal footing with yours, quite frankly. Just need to get you some more readership!

Hey All Pop Culture Institute Readers

Leave a comment on this post to let Michael know that his efforts are appreciated. Anyone who does will get a discount at the door of the next Alys and Seumas Show.

lcdseattle said...

Oh yeah, a discount at the door. I'm still waiting for my signed poster from the last show!!!

I do enjoy J.M.G. but find most of interest here. It probably helps that I know somebody at The Institute. : )


michael sean morris said...

But everybody at the Institute says you're mad... Mad I tell you! (mwah ha ha...)

Okay, who let Dr. Frankenstein in here?