Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Spielberg Endorses Clinton

Which I guess means he'll be wearing one of these, probably on that damn baseball cap he won't take off.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketHollywood has long been Clinton country, since the Clintons themselves have considerable star power, not to mention the ability to backstab, obfuscate, and commit adultery. It's like the Clintons are speaking Hollywood's language!

Though the elections are still 17 months away, there's still plenty of time before the New Hampshire primary in January for a certain dark horse candidate to enter the ring. Of course, the truth is, that could be quite inconvenient for Mrs. Clinton.

Being Canadian (not to mention despising politics) the Pop Culture Institute will probably not be endorsing any candidate. (Obama) I mean, it wouldn't be fair (Obama), and let's face it, what do I know about anything? (Obama) I suppose I could try something subliminal (Obama), but my readers are so smart (Obama) they'd catch on right away. (Obama)

As Newt Gingrich probably said to Ralph Reed: Hilary is the one to beat. I certainly hope they were talking about the election.

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Seumas Gagne said...

Sadly, I think you're right. I'm very influenced in this matter by David Geffen's withdrawal of support from the Clintons. He certainly has every resource necessary to know for sure what kind of people they really are.

Gore: I don't think so. Frankly, I agree with his decision to not run. I think he's doing more good for the renaissance of democracy in the U.S. as an author and speaker than he possibly could as a president.

Speaking as a holder of U.S. citizenship, I hereby authorize you, a holder of Canadian citizenship, to form, hold, change, share and otherwise process opinions on U.S. politics, even if they disagree with mine.

Given the incredibly bound nature of the U.S. and Canadian economies, I think it's super-crazy of any Canadian to think that U.S. Politics don't impact their daily lives.

If a Canadian were to ever ask me *ahem* what they could best do to have a positive influence on U.S. culture, I could provide some guidance.