Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Saying Goodbye To Sammy

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It's alright. Sammy's not dead or anything. It's just that my company has moved me from the site I've been at for the last three or four months, so yesterday (my last day) I went around and said good-bye to all the places and creatures on the site that made working there bearable.

Sammy was my favourite of them all. I met her the first day I worked there, and in those days she wouldn't come anywhere near me. It took several weeks of my most wheedling cat voice to get Sammy (who you probably can't tell is a Siamese) to warm up to me at all. In the past two months, though, she agreed to let me pet her and even let me pick her up a few times. Despite her willingness to pose for a few photos, I was unable to capture the blue of her eyes until yesterday.

Naturally, I will miss this cat more than the dozen people I had regular contact with on that site, probably because she let me pick her up and pet her. More likely, it's because I am a misanthrope. To be fair though, there were a few hot men working on that site, and if any of them had let me pick them up and pet them I'd be missing them too right about now.
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Y | O | Y said...

I love cats. Saying good-bye can be so hard. Two years ago, I moved and I really missed my neighbor's cat that I had taken to and she to me. Last year, on a trip back to CA, I ended up adopting her and flying her back (first class!) with me. Right now she's sleeping at my feet. :)

michael sean morris said...

That's a lovely story in and of itself.

Daniel said...

aww. I could tell that was a Siamese, friendliest, if snootiest-looking, of cats. My mother bought three of them from a welsh woman and they came up North from Wales in a box on the train. Two of them mated and had a lilac-point, the third one was hit by my uncle's car. Sigh
Balance is important.

Seumas Gagne said...

A Welsh Siamese? Did it speak English?

Ha ha. I'm a great admirer of Welsh language success -- I'm sure Welsh speaking cats of all varieties are much happier.

michael sean morris said...

Seal-point I believe. A tawny body with chocolate face, legs, and tail. Very skinny (and quite old as well - over 12) and with a funny raspy little meow. Plus those beautiful marble-like blue eyes.

A real doll.