Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Tab Hunter

In the recent memoir Tab Hunter: Confidential one of the sexiest and most popular of the Fifties teen idols confessed that he is gay. Although he did have two prolonged love affairs with women, for some reason his relationships with Roddy MacDowell, Rudolf Nureyev, and Anthony Perkins seem to inspire greater curiosity. I wonder why that is?

PhotobucketThe fact is, these were not well-kept secrets even then; at the height of his acclaim there were enough rumours about his proclivities to have surely shortened his career. That he'd gotten his first break courtesy of super-agent (and super pervy old queen) Henry Willson was the first real big clue; Willson also fostered the career of another ├╝ber-straight Fifties hunk, namely Rock Hudson.

Nevertheless, it's the Baby Boomers I feel sorry for. If they grew up in the Fifties, just about everything they were told and thought they knew and took for granted was based on lies. Which is sad, yet also hilarious.

Yeah... Gotta love that Gen X humour.
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