Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tab Hunter on 'What's My Line?'

Originally aired in February 1957, Tab Hunter's appearance on What's My Line? may or may not have been intentionally laden with innuendo, but the fact that it's there is almost as hilarious as the innuendo itself. To whit: Martin Gabel's question about Hunter's appeal being 'especially to women'. Be that as it may, we now know that women's appeal to him was anything but especial. Another highlight must be the revelation that panelist Arlene Francis (aka Mrs. Martin Gabel) has seen Tab Hunter in a torn shirt... Oh, would that there were photos of that floating around somewhere!

As moderated by the ever suave John Charles Daly, the remainder of the panel consists of Dorothy Kilgallen, and Richard Kollmar - aka Mr. Dorothy Kilgallen!
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