Thursday, July 05, 2007

Introducing... Self-Loathario

It has become increasingly clear to me that, as valuable as they are to do, my posts on self-loathing do not belong here.

I've often wondered what I should do about this, as I consider self-loathing to be at crisis levels, not least of all in myself. I mean, I'm even seeing it in really hot, successful people. Oh yeah, it's that bad.

To that end, and to spare the gay nerves of Mr. Barr, Mr. Gagne, and especially Mr. Davey, I've decided to move all such posts permanently off this page and onto an entirely new page entitled Self-Loathario, where I hope to help people to learn to love their yuck. After all, it's our entire lives that make us interesting, and not just our good stuff.

Of course, in order to maintain brand synergy, I will be referring here to material on Self-Loathario often, so watch for that as I with my trade school marketing know-how attempts to create some kind of cross-platform appeal. At least I think that's what it's called.

I'll try to keep it light, of course, since when I am not wracked with self-loathing I'm actually a fairly funny and positive person. Also, the site will deal with some heavy things, so the right tone will be everything. The last thing I want to do with such a site is to add to anyone's problems.

One thing is for sure, though; I can't help anyone who doesn't want to help themselves.

I guess that's why I didn't start sooner.
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lcdseattle said...

I applaud this change to Pop Culture Institute. While I can't speak for the positive effects your self-loathing posts have on you, I can say that I get more then a little bent out of shape when somebody I respect doesn't respect themselves. I really enjoy Pop Culture Institute and a vast majority of your posts except when you lose perspective on who you are. You're very witty, insightful, knowledgeable and entertaining. I hope you value those things in yourself, and if others don't Fuck 'em! Their views don't matter. Remember my own shield against this kind of person. "I would have to care about you to care about what you think."



michael sean morris said...

Never let it be said that I don't respond to feedback from my readers, eventually.

The point of the self-loathing points, by the way, is to gain the correct perspective on myself.

Seumas Gagne said...

Hmmm. I popped over to the other blog and saw that you were distressed by a recent lack of comments. This is a good example of how you lose perspective on things. I am a regular commentor, and I was offline in Montana for five days. That had absolutely nothing to do with you, your blog, or your opinion of your own appearance, yet your post would lead one to believe that you thought there was a connection.

Not everything that happens around you is a direct result of your actions. Keep that in mind the next time you decide that the man who didn't speak to you on the bus "hates" you.

michael sean morris said...

As I said, it was only a couple of days.

I've been tracking the role hunger plays in my depression. I believe when I wrote that post I hadn't eaten in about six hours.

Plus I freely acknowledge that I am a little too (okay, a lot too) wrapped up in my own thing for effective perspective.

Funny thing: depressives are usually highly egotistical.