Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Is The Queen A Diva?

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A new BBC documentary purports to show the normally good-natured Queen in a snit after being asked to remove her crown for an official portrait by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz. "I've had enough of this," the Queen has been reported as saying.

While we here at the Pop Culture Institute normally hesitate to take sides in such matters, it should be pointed out that the Queen has been the Queen longer than Annie Leibovitz has been a photographer, and leave it at that.
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Seumas Gagne said...

I've heard that the trailer implying such things about QE has been discounted. Apparently it was an editing trick to get ratings at the regina's expense.

A monstrous slur.

michael sean morris said...

Then of course the BBC's running around and grovelling all over the place apologising because it simply wasn't true, and they were trying to generate a little buzz for their documentary.

Even Leibovitz jumped to the Queen's defense, saying, in effect, that the Queen is tired of playing dress up, which undoubtedly she is.

End of story.