Saturday, July 10, 2010

"West End Girls" by Pet Shop Boys

I wanted to include the video for Dreaming of the Queen here, since it would have made such a brilliant tie-in to the last post, but no! I never get to do what I want. Either there's no video for it (which I strongly suspect) or it just hasn't hit YouTube yet. So instead of a very lovely song from their 1993 album Very* with which to mark the birthday of Neil Tennant let's go all the way back to the beginning...

West End Girls was the first single from Pet Shop Boys' 1986 debut album Please; it would go on to win the Ivor Novello Award for song of the decade 1985-1994 against some pretty stiff competition. Back in the day I always equated it's moody tone and instrumental variety with the spirit of London itself, and I fully expect to find myself wandering through that city some day only to have this song shuffle itself out of my iPod...

At which point I just know I'll start to cry like a slapped bitch!

*Which was itself very beautifully packaged in an orange Lego jewel case, at least originally.

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