Thursday, July 01, 2010

POPnews - July 1st

[Today, in honour of Canada Day, an all-Canadian POPnews...]

1867 - Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia formed the Canadian Confederation when the British North America Act (1867) took effect.

1873 - Prince Edward Island joined the Canadian Confederation.

1878 - Canada joined the Universal Postal Union.

1881 - The world's first international telephone call took place between St. Stephen, New Brunswick, and Calais, Maine, apparently.

1885 - The United States terminated its reciprocity and fishery agreement with Canada, apparently.

1890 - Canada and Bermuda were linked via telegraph cable, apparently.

1933 - The Parliament of Canada suspended Chinese immigration, apparently.

1935 - RCMP and police in Regina, Saskatchewan, clashed with the unemployed during the On-to-Ottawa-Trek; despite involving upwards of 2,000 people the ensuing Regina Riot amazingly only killed one police officer and one protester, who died later in hospital.

1958 - CBC-TV began broadcasting coast-to-coast-to-coast via microwave, apparently.

1966 - The first transmission of colour television was sent from Toronto, apparently.

1980 - O Canada became Canada's official national anthem.
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