Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No Faith In Faith-Based Schools

Regarding the recent faith-based schools initiative in Ontario I have just one thing to say: NO.

I admit that it's unfair to let the Catholics run their own school system, but not Jews, Hindus, or Muslims. In which case, the Catholic Schools should also be abolished; what moral right does the Catholic Church have to educate children after thirty years of revelations, anyway? The solution to the problem isn't more religious schools, it's less.

Faith-based schools represent just the beginning of an evangelical agenda aimed at creating a total theocracy in Canada. It is also a blatant attack on any attempts to create a cohesive society; keeping people of different ethnicities separate as children only fosters suspicion and ignorance in them as adults.

The separation of church and state is of the paramount importance. Religious intolerance has consistently impeded progress; sectarian strife routinely causes war, genocide, and terrorism. In the days ahead, our human species will encounter increasing hardships due to environmental degradation. Science, not dogma, is the cure.

Teach your children their religion at home, on your holy days, so they'll know where to leave it. Hold it in your heart, let it inform your life rather than dictate it, an' it harm none do what ye will...

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