Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Owen Wilson Attempts Suicide

On August 26th Hollywood film star Owen Wilson attempted suicide by slashing his wrists and overdosing on pills; he was found by his brother Luke, also an actor.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe following day, Owen Wilson released a statement, saying: "I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time."

Well, I'll make a joke about almost anything, but this is where I draw the line. Whether indicative of some deep-seated unhappiness or merely a ploy for attention, suicide is no laughing matter. Each year in the world a million people kill themselves, and between 10 and 20 milion attempts are made.

If you are considering suicide (or think someone you know might be) please call your local crisis line.

I'm sure that, in the fullness of time, Owen Wilson will have an opportunity to fully explain the reasoning behind his drastic actions. In the meantime I, for one, am one member of the media who is more than willing to forego speculation in this matter.
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