Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bonne Fête Mylène Farmer

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In the interest of full disclosure I should say that the only thing I knew about Mylène Farmer before I started this blog was her name and her profession; probably the reason you've never heard of her is that she sings in French, which is the excuse I'm using.

I had some vague sense that she was known as 'the Madonna of France' but even that I wouldn't have published without checking*. Virtually every female singer who uses sexuality in her act is known as 'the Madonna of' whatever country she's from; if Nana Mouskouri so much as undid her top button they'd be calling her 'the Madonna of Greece' for pity's sake.

Well, what an eye-opening day it's been!

About all I can say is, Madonna wishes she were half the provocateur Mylène Farmer is, was, and will continue to be. Having spent a couple of hours luxuriating in the rich visuals of her video career, I've already half-forgotten what's-her-name. And in just the brief thumbnail of her life is enough scandal, controversy, and outrage for three Madonnas.

*It's also not quite true, since she was born in Montreal, on this day in 1961.

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