Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Your Highness

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Maybe she shouldn't have been disinherited...

You see, Her Highness is the oldest child of King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway, and was once poised to be Queen of Norway in her own right. That is, until her brother Haakon Magnus was born. Now he's the Crown Prince and Martha Louise is... Well, something of a tearaway, as Princesses go. For instance, she married a writer, Ari Behn, which is never the way to become respectable. Mr. Behn is also friends with - and voted for - Norway's Labour Party, which had all the snobs in Oslo all agog.

Wait. It gets better. When the Princess started an entertainment company and began paying income tax, her father removed the Royal from her title. It was done after consulting with her, or so they say - just like when all her royal patronages were revoked. That's when she moved to New York, where a woman* doesn't need a title to be a Princess (or at least act like one).  While there she published a children's book entitled Why Kings and Queens Don't Wear Crowns.

Then in August 2007 she and a partner opened Astarte Education in Oslo, a school promising to teach people how to speak with angels for $2100 a semester. Ever since, calls for her to renounce her royal titles and claim to the throne (she's currently fourth in line) have escalated.

Something tells me we haven't heard the last from Mrs. Behn; her latest royal duties were the birth of her third daughter, Emma Tallulah Behn, in September 2008 and attendance at the wedding of Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling in June 2010.

*Or a man, for that matter...

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