Friday, September 24, 2010

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana

As difficult as it may seem to believe, my musical taste was not always as broad as it is now...

For instance, I didn't like Nirvana when the Nevermind album was released, on this day in 1991. As was so often the case back then, if the fans of a given band frightened me, I tended to stay away from both the fans and the band. And in those days, nothing frightened me more than the very scary people who were raving about Nirvana.

In my defense, at that time I was living in Kelowna, where most of the radio stations were talk AM, and the only FM station played extreme easy listening*. I also didn't have Muchmusic then, and so all I listened to was Madonna, whatever cassettes I could afford to buy, and the music that got played one night a month at the local gay dance.

It wasn't until I saw Nirvana on MTV Unplugged that I got what everyone else was going on about. It was only a short while later, of course, that Kurt Cobain committed suicide.

I get it now, though, and Smells Like Teen Spirit is seldom off my iPod these days.

*I mean, like, Mantovani's version of Anne Murray's hits... Pure elevator music.
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