Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Colin Mochrie

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketBorn in Kilmarnock, Scotland, on this day in 1957, Colin Mochrie was brought up in Vancouver, where he was class valedictorian at Killarney Secondary School in 1975; Vancouverites, then, can be proud to call Canadian television's Mr. Nice Guy one of their own...

Mochrie first gained prominence on the BBC's Whose Line Is It Anyway?, where his strong improvisational skills and quick wit earned him kudos by the bushel; he was later a fixture on the American version of the show, and even before it went off the air in 2003 Mochrie had begun gradually insinuating himself into Canadian television - which should have, but utterly failed to, give him his start.

From his participation in the long-running news parody show This Hour Has 22 Minutes to sitcoms like Blackfly to game shows like Are You Smarter Than a Canadian 5th Grader? it looks like Canadian television may be poised to begin reversing the brain drain, one massive* brain at a time.

*And massively funny...
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