Thursday, December 09, 2010

Happy Birthdame!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI first became aware of her when the sitcom she made, As Time Goes By, began appearing on our local PBS affiliate; alongside her old friend Geoffrey Palmer - himself a Britcom stalwart - Judi Dench added a kind of gravitas to the proceedings that, if anything, made the show funnier.

Then came Mrs. Brown (1997), a little movie about a little woman that plays a huge part in bringing the character of the reclusive Queen Victoria to light; together with Palmer, Antony Sher (a revelation as Benjamin Disraeli) and Billy Connolly, the film portrays the creation of an imperial matriarchy that saved the British throne at a time of crisis.

At an age (a radiant 76) when most people are slowing down to enjoy their dotage, Dame Judi Dench appears to be full steam ahead, never making a misstep in the choices of roles - whether onstage or onscreen: Tea with Mussolini (1999), Chocolat (2000), The Shipping News (2001), Mrs Henderson Presents (2005), Notes on a Scandal (2006)...

She just keeps getting better and better, which makes celebrating her birthday a no-brainer for the Pop Culture Institute!
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Mathias N Oz said...

Loved her as the elemental in Chronicles of Riddick... sorry I am a sci fi nerd.

michael sean morris said...

No need to apologize. Given the amount of sci-fi content on this blog I guess I'm one too!

Besides which, who better to play a force of nature than our Dame Judi?

Anonymous said...

Besides which, who better to play a force of nature than our Dame Judi?

Or remind Mr. Bond, besides the license, to try keep it in his pants?

(The gun that is...)