Monday, December 27, 2010

"I Couldn't Be Annoyed" by Marlene Dietrich

Drawn from the same movie, Blonde Venus (1932), as yesterday's Hot Voodoo - only way less old-fashioned, attitudinally speaking - it's I Couldn't Be Annoyed; I couldn't post that film's third musical number, a jaunty little ditty called You Little So-and-So, since it doesn't appear anywhere on YouTube, about which I definitely could be annoyed. That is, if I didn't already own the DVD.

As shocking as Marlene Dietrich's appearance in a tuxedo was here - and it was shocking - it wasn't the first time she'd sashayed across the stage in male apparel; she'd originally committed this naughty bit of cross-dressing in Morocco (1930), only in that one a) it was an actual man's black tux, rather than a sparkly white woman's one, and b) while in it she planted a kiss on another lady!
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