Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Milord" par Edith Piaf

From an appearance in 1959 on The Ed Sullivan Show, it's a song about a prostitute admiring a dapper gentleman walking past her; good thing most people in the Sullivan audience didn't speak French...

Milord, also called Ombre de la Rue (A shadow of the streets) was written in 1959 by Georges Moustaki (with music by Marguerite Monnot); according to Wikipedia (and, you know, they're always right) it has also been sung by Cher, meaning I won't rest until I possess that version as well.
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Wynn Bexton said...

This was fantastic, Michael, thanks for sharing. She was such a little woman with such a mighty big voice and talent!

michael sean morris said...

Glad to be of assitance!