Friday, December 17, 2010

"There Ain't No God For Dogs" by Milla Jovovich

Birthday wishes go out today to Milla Jovovich, the Ukraine-born, London-raised triple hyphenate: model-actor-singer. Despite an early controversial appearance in Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991), plus roles in such high profile films as Chaplin (playing real-life Mildred Harris) and the perennial stoner classic Dazed and Confused, it wasn't until her appearance, opposite Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman, in The Fifth Element that Jovovich was catapulted into superstardom.

Which brings us to this video... There Ain't No God For Dogs may be the weirdest song I've ever heard, yet I found it oddly moving. Here she is, performing it for Carson Daly on Total Request Live.
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TheQuestionMan said...

Milla J is one of my favourites, but not physically. There is an attraction though.

Her voice if off on this one though.


michael sean morris said...

She must have just flown into New York; I've heard a lot of my favourite singers perform live on talk shows and they sound terrible. Something to do with the stale air on the plane.

I warned you, did I not, that this was a weird song.