Monday, March 14, 2011

In Celebration of Johan Paulik

Ask most men if they enjoy porn and they will insist they do not, no way; which is why porn makes more money annually than either the movies or video games. No one's watching it, and those who do all seem to download it for free, which I guess means those profits are being laundered by organized crime and the preponderance of stores that sell it are fronts of some sort. Honestly, there's no other explanation, unless it can be believed that men are capable of lying.

PhotobucketWell, I watch porn, and I'm not some pussy who's afraid to admit it either; Hell, I'll even admit that the porn I watch has absolutely no pussy in it whatsoever. In fact, given that I am interested in all aspects of pop culture, I can even be said to study porn, once I'm done using it for its intended purpose. I've been known to discuss, conversationally, the relative merits of William Higgins versus Kristen Bjorn with very little prompting; like Jack McFarland (in the words of Grace Adler) I 'have a porn collection that requires its own storage facility'.

Defying all expectations, I am just as likely to favour the models found in Titan Media as I am those of Bel Ami; I simply cannot bring myself to be open-minded in every aspect of my life only to be narrow-minded when it comes to my sexuality. Which is why today I am marking the birth of one of the most charismatic porn stars of the past decade, Johan Paulik, with this silly little essay.

Paulik represents a seismic shift in the porn industry, away from the meth-addicted steroid aficionados of Southern California to a healthier, more athletic, altogether human ideal represented by Europeans, especially in countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Like many of his fellow models, he claims to not partake in those activities offscreen which have made him so rightly famous on it, a claim I have no trouble believing. It makes sound business sense to hire models who are unaroused by their circumstances, as a 20-minute scene can take as long as three hours to film, during which someone who's entirely into what they're doing might accidentally spoil the take.

(Plus, I kind of like the idea of straight guys having sex with each other; just don't tell anyone, okay? ~ MSM)

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