Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Didn't Happen The Night Lincoln Was Shot

I don't think mere words are enough to describe how frustrated that last post made me. For one thing, it took four days to write it, and for another... Well, there doesn't need to be another, because that's bad enough. Every time I was tempted to scrap it, though, I'd watch this video, and somehow find the strength to continue.

That's because this video - while hilarious - is also utterly wrong. Despite what it may look like to the casual observer, the Pop Culture Institute prides itself on accuracy; I won't guarantee there won't be opinion or bias in any given piece, but I take pains to be as accurate as possible. Which, given the many and varied vagaries of history, is truly a sucker's game.

Nevertheless, I also pride myself on my sense of humour, which is why I invite you now to enjoy this brightly coloured pack of lies.

Hard Drinkin' Lincoln was the brainchild of Simpsons stalwart Mike Reiss, and was created for; Reiss and director Xeth Feinberg also created Queer Duck.
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tankmontreal said...

Funny funny. Was this done by the Queer Duck people? It has a similar feel.

michael sean morris said...

That's right. Mr. Gagne first introduced me to them many years ago, and here I am, posting them on my blog now.