Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rudolf Nureyev Meets Miss Piggy At The Baths

Here Miss Piggy demonstrates the art of the low-key courtship; actually, compared to me she's downright subtle. Holy maracas!

Upon meeting Rudolf Nureyev in the steam room - wearing a towel that's much too large for him, in my opinion - and exchanging a little racy (if one-sided) banter, the pair launch into a spirited rendition of that classic song of seduction Baby It's Cold Outside in Episode 213 of The Muppet Show, even though Piggy's attempts are a little, uh, ham-handed.

Naturally Season Two of The Muppet Show - that entertainment staple of the Pop Culture Institute - including this and many other golden moments, is available fully restored and remastered (and containing footage never before seen in North America) on DVD.
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