Sunday, July 04, 2010

"That's America" by Bruce McCulloch

The degree to which the accompanying clip offends you is likely to be in direct correlation to how true you think it is; even if deployed with the best of intentions, the truth hurts, and alas some of the sentiments contained herein may sting. I would rate this NSFW*.

It's not the best quality version of this piece, which Bruce McCulloch - founding member of Canada's pioneering comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall - originally performed on their show in the early 1990s, and later refined for his uproarious 1995 album Shame-Based Man; for one thing, whomever recorded it cut off the last line, which is: 'America, a place for Americans...'

Still, would the Fourth of July at the Pop Culture Institute be complete without a little genial, well-intended, even light-hearted poking of fun at a country that could easily wipe Canada (and thus the PCI) off the map with just ten well-aimed nukes? No, I say; indeed, non as well.

*Not Suitable For Wussies.

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Seumas Gagne said...

I have to wonder how many Canadians would be able to muster a smirk if the tables were turned.

michael sean morris said...

The funny thing is, you could replace the word America with Ontario in this piece, and it would still be correct.

That good old Canadian smugness (like the Parliamentary tradition, we got it from the British) tends to decry loutishness in others while neglecting to see it in our own midst.

Still, even you must admit your rednecks are more dangerous than ours; not only are they more heavily armed, there's ten times more of them.