Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Connie Chung

As a journalist, Connie Chung's career has been all over the map, geographically as well as professionally; from giving dispatches to her idol Walter Cronkite during the Watergate proceedings to giving douchebags like Gary Condit the easy interview to a brief and embarrassing foray into the sleazy territory of her husband Maury Povich Chung's brand has been consistent only in its inconsistency...

PhotobucketYet, as one of the few female Asian faces on American television, I feel it's my responsibility to go as easy on her as others have gone rough*; after all, she was fired from her job for suggesting that emergency services were having trouble dealing with the Oklahoma City bombing, which no white or male anchor would have been.

It seems like (if I may stray into the oleaginous verbiage of the HR professional for a moment) Chung just hasn't 'found the right fit' regarding her job, which anyway hasn't stopped her from trying them all, from reporter to anchor to host.

Personally, I can't wait to see where she turns up next...

*For precisely the same reasons as well...
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