Friday, August 20, 2010

Pop History Moment: Fergie's (First) Comeuppance


On this day in 1992 Britain's Daily Mirror published a ten-page spread featuring photographs of the Duchess of York in a compromising position with Texas multimillionaire John Bryan; despite having insisted that Bryan was her financial manager, he was photographed with her toes in his mouth, which is surely not the sort of thing likely to come up at an audit...

The former Sarah Ferguson was already well on the way to being estranged from her husband when these revelations surfaced; it was widely rumoured the year before that Her Royal Highness had also favoured the company of one Steve Wyatt - also a multimillionaire and also from Texas. In much the same way she was always on holiday or always eating, at least she was being consistent in her cuckoldry.

The scandal broke as the Royal Family was enjoying its annual sojourn at Balmoral Castle in Scotland; many late nights were reportedly spent as Sarah and her best chum Diana tried their best to do damage control. Naturally, none of their efforts came to much, and the Yorks were divorced in 1996, at roughly the same times as the Waleses.
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